Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Fabulous Flamingos

With their bright pink feathers and enchanting shape, flamingos have proven a huge hit with interior designers across the country. Here we chat to Samantha Simmonds from interior design agency, Killer 5, to find out how best to use flamingos in your new home.

“If you want to inject a bit of colour and fun into your home, then flamingos are a great way to do it. In fact, the Sanderson flamingo wallpaper we used in the Showhome at Edison Place in Rugby received outstanding feedback from visitors, with many people wanting to recreate the look in their own home. The good news is that, since decorating that Showhome, flamingo printed wallpaper has been popping up everywhere, with many high street shops now stocking their own versions.

“If you have quite a minimalist white or grey living room, why not choose one wall where you can make a statement with this coral flamingo wallpaper from B&Q, or if you’re feeling even braver, try this exotic pink and turquoise print or this textured wallpaper from Etsy. Don’t be afraid to be bold!

“If bright palettes are too much for you, there are also more subtle flamingo motifs out there which can help to create a relaxing and calming room and work well with other coloured and textured walls. Try this duck egg version from John Lewis, this sophisticated and neutral design of flamingos in a lagoon from Homebase or this teal and white option from Debenhams. Think outside the living room as well, these patterns work just as well in the kitchen, hallway or study.

“It’s not just adults flapping for flamingos either, there is also now a wide variety of wallpaper for children’s rooms. If your child loves pink, try this very pretty flamingo print from Laura Ashley, or if you want a more effortless way to transform the walls, go for these stickers from NotOnTheHighStreet.com

“Flamingos don’t have to be confined to your walls though. You can add the exotic bird into your kitchen with patterned tea towels, flamingo glasses or mugs, as well as these super stylish plates which I love. Brighten up your living room with these cushions, a colourful candle holder or this digitally-printed silk lamp shade. Alternatively, opt for a flamingo bathroom with this bath mat; there really is something for every room, budget and personal taste!

“So why do we all love flamingos so much? The flamingo first entered people’s homes in the 1950s when people started adopting more colour into their homes. Since then, it has come in and out of fashion, evolving from a lawn ornament to a bright motif on cushions and inspiring some of the finest pieces of art. Last year, it was re-introduced in our modern-day homes and now you can barely go into an interiors shop without seeing a flamingo or two. As homeowners become braver in their décor and move away from the more neutral tones we’ve become used to, bold prints – such as flamingos – will continue to be a feature of people’s homes for the next few years. I love this trend and will always encourage people to express their personalities through patterns and colour.  

“Oh, and if you’re lucky enough to have a pool in your garden, or just fancy a more interesting bath, don’t forget your giant inflatable flamingo!”

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