Thursday, 24 March 2016

Tick Tock...Time to choose your perfect clock!

With the clocks going forward this Sunday, we thought it only right that we give some attention to the humble clock; a mechanism that has graced our mantelpieces since the 17th Century. Here, Samantha Simmonds from Interior design agency, Killer 5, gives us an insight into her favourite clocks…

“Clocks do more than tell the time, they can often be a unique piece of art and create a real statement in a room. What’s more, there’s a clock for every interior trend (and budget) so, however you’re designing your new home, there really will be a clock to suit you.

“Whilst it is unknown who made the first one and where it originated from, the cuckoo clock has passed through the generations and still remains a firm favourite today. Whether you want a traditional wooden cuckoo clock like this one from, a patterned mustard and grey version such as this from Habitat or a much more simplistic cuckoo clock (ok, it might not actually be a cuckoo clock but we liked the idea), there’s plenty to choose from. Personally, I love the bright red used in this statement clock and wall sticker and think it would look fantastic as a feature in a living room or child’s bedroom.

“The cuckoo clock wouldn’t suit every home though. Many people opt for a more simplistic interior design and there are some stunning clocks to suit this style too. One of my favourites is this slate and copper clock from Made which, when placed on a white wall, would create a real elegance to any room. You could also adopt a more industrial look with either this oversized clock from Cox & Cox or this intricate metal Cogsworth clock from House of Fraser. Alternatively, this wooden sundial clock would add a modern finish to a more traditional home whilst this wooden and white clock would look great on a brightly coloured feature wall.

“In fact, why not use your clock to add a bit of colour to a room? Here’s a retro teal and orange clock from Etsy, or you could opt for this unusual multi-coloured clock from Habitat.

“There really is a clock to suit every theme. Here’s an ice-cream clock from Asda, a personalised clock showing a map of your new home and a recycled PlayStation Clock. With so much choice out there it’s going to be hard to decide which will suit your home best.

“Just one last thing though, don’t forget to move all your beautiful new clocks forward by an hour this Sunday!”

N.B. The information supplied in this blog is the opinion of the individual quoted and not necessarily that of St. Modwen Homes. St. Modwen Homes recognises that many companies offer similar products and the Company is not endorsing any particular items. 


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